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What I've Done


A short film student thesis in which I played a supporting character. In preparing for this role, I was able to go over my lines to ensure I would not struggle with my fluency while filming scenes. 

The Good Doctor

In this theatre production at Lansing Community College, I played a doctors assistant, Kuryatin. This was my first real role in a live production. I struggled with stage fright and nervousness. To overcome this, I showed my physicality with my character. Although I worked hard memorizing my lines, I struggles to remember them because oof the stage fright. This production helped me discover my true interest of film acting. 

One Small Film For Man

A short film in which I directed. This was the first film I directed. I learned many important qualities a directer needs in order to direct a successful film. I learned that a good director should listen to advice from cast and crew members, as they may have a different perspective of the film. 

Demo Reel

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