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Reviews and Testimonials

Reilly Wisniewski, Filmmaker

"Noah is an absolute class act on set. His excitement for each project I've worked on with him reflected his passion and love for acting. He embodies the feeling of fun and creativity that entertainment is built on.  His ambition to be a part of your project is one that any up and coming filmmaker dreams of having in their cast members."

Gavin Johnson, Producer

"Working with Noah is always a pleasure. He takes the time to build genuine connections with those he works with without. letting it get in the way oof. his performance. I. appreciate the commitment and time he puts into his work before productions so that once we start, he. is prepared for anything we ask of him." 

Brooklyn Swarthout, Theatre Actress

"Noah is a very well rounded actor, able to adapt well to different roles and types of productions. Working in theatre can be difficult, as you have a live audience.  Despite his nervousness about performing live, Noah always radiates confidence and embodies his character beautifully."
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